2019 – 2020 CLUB INFORMATION/ RULES                                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS
            OFFICERS                                                     Ronnie Long          910-7577 
President             Joe Harvey            343-5140          Dennis Leverette    708-0598 
Vice President    Troy Luedtke         226-4068          Wade Bryant           616-3552 
Secretary            Donnie Rosier        371-0795          John Harvey           307-6785
                                                                                    Zak Cain                327-9150
                                                                                    Clarence Helton     402-1961


BY-LAWS (All Rules Will Be Enforced)
1. Abide by Florida Game Laws. No littering or damaging trees.
2. Florida buck rule applies: 3 on one side at least an inch long or main beam at least 10". 
3. Killing of any illegal deer is a $200.00 fine for the 1st offense, 2nd offense is immediate dismissal (including spikes). (Fine must be paid prior to next hunting trip.) If not reported immediately, dismissal from Club on all parts involved.
***One Doe will be allowed During Archery ONLY*** Any Doe killed during Muzzleloader and General Gun will result in a $200 fine.***
4. All member vehicles must have a current sticker affixed and displayed to vehicle.
5. Keep gates locked at all times. Only exception is during general gun season.
6. Each member is allowed two stands no closer than 500 yards from another member’s stand.
7. No riding four-wheelers off of main roads after August 31 unless traveling directly to and from your own stand. (This includes general gun.)  Please refer to the recreational rules.***RECREATIONAL RULES APPLY TO FULL PAYING MEMBERS AS WELL!***
8. No dogs should be put out at another member’s treestand before general gun season.
9. No entering the club until after 6am during General Gun season.
10. No marking out tracks at all. If you get caught you will be subject to immediate dismissal! You may not put on another member’s marked track until after 8am.  
11. The Devil’s Island Block, Backside Block and East of River Rd. is still hunt only except the last three weekends of general gun season. You may run dogs the last 2 weeks within all boundaries of the Club.
12. All New members Shall hunt with an existing hunting party, if running dogs during the general gun season.
13. Any member that has lost dogs in an area that they shouldn’t be, that member needs to contact an officer of the club. (Butler Bay and (OLD) Manning Still hunt included.) You may take a dog on a leash to recover a wounded deer within our boundaries.
14. All children fifteen (15) years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult and is required to wear an orange vest at all times. No exceptions.
15. No harvesting of more than two (2) turkeys in a season.
16. No vehicles or four-wheelers are to be ridden between “daybreak” and 10:00a.m. during Archery, Crossbow, Muzzleloader & Spring Turkey seasons. Travel straight to your selected hunting area.
17. You may not carry a high-powered rifle or shotgun into the club at any time during the off season. Only Exception: Going straight to the designated sight-in area at the Camp beside the waterhole. You may sight-in all year, just so NOT carry your weapon any further into the Club during the off season.
18. No trapping during dog training months or general gun season.
19. All game harvested (small or large) must be photographed and reported to an officer of the club.
20. Visitors to the club:
***Visitors are NOT allowed to bring their own dogs.***
• Visitor fee is $25.00 per day. Cash must be paid to an officer or board member.
• Visitors must sign in at camp before hunting or riding; the host member must sign to the left of the visitor’s name accepting responsibility for the guest.
• Visitors must obey and respect all club rules.
• No one adult can be a visitor more than five (5) times per season.
• Visitors are required to park at the camp and can only ride with the host member. Visitors are not allowed to enter or drive their own vehicles in the lease area (except in the summer to follow member to the blue hole).
• Spouse and/or minor children of members are not considered visitors, however, still expected to obey club rules the same as all club members. Spouse and/or minor children are not required to sign in or pay the visitor’s fee.
• No visitors are allowed to hunt with any member until after the first nine (9) days of general gun season. This includes Archery & Muzzleloader season.
21. Lease Workdays:
***There will be NO running dogs on any workdays! If caught doing so, it WILL BE grounds for immediate dismissal.*** 
• At least two (2) work days must be attended each year or subject to imposed $50.00 fine.
• You must sign in on the designated work day and obtain your assigned task and checkout when finished for work day to count. Work days are not meant for any member to work on His/Her personal stand, personal food plot or any other task not benefiting the Club.
• If you are making up a missed work day, you are required to notify an Officer of the day you are making up and the work performed.
• Scheduled work days are currently 3/2/19, 8/24/19 & 3/7/20 @ 9am. You will be notified of any other work days scheduled.
22. Club dues will be collected starting March 2, 2019 (work day). Yearly dues are $1850 per existing member AND new members. New members’ will be accepted after 11:00a.m. It’s a member’s responsibility to contact and pay any Officer any dues owed after April 7th. When enough new members are taken, previous members will not be accepted. There will be a $100 dollar late fee to previous members who pay after April 7th (if openings are still available). No stickers or keys will be issued until member has paid lease dues in full.
23. Campsites are $200.00 each, plus electric(monthly).  Campsites must be kept clean and orderly and pre-approved by the club president. Electric bill will be prorated.
24. All money paid to the club is non-refundable.
25. All rule violations will be heard by the Officers and Board-of-Directors. A majority vote will determine the action taken.
26. The above club rules remain in full force and effect. Rules are subject to change. Breaking club rules can result in a fine or up for dismissal.
27. Keep cookout area and blue hole area clean. If you have a cookout, take what you brought. If you do not, there will be a fine.
28. This is a family hunting club so respect others.
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